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story developing...

Some Stories...

  • Coyote: The Mike Plant Story
    Coyote: The Mike Plant Story
    Award winning feature length documentary about American sailing legend
  • Rules of the Game
    Rules of the Game
    Behind the scenes feature starring Pharrell, Arsham and Bokaer
  • For Love of the Lane
    For Love of the Lane
    Documentary series about the world of competitive skee-ball
  • Art of the Game
    Art of the Game
    Documentary we filmed a few years back that explored the positive ramifications of video games.

Our Story...

  • I broke my back
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  • Skee-ball
  • On the set
  • Behind the scenes
  • On set
  • At a show
  • On stage

So I broke my back...

in a ski crash circa 2012 and decided it was time to take a risk -- walk away from the advertising strategy world I'd been working in for about ten years and start telling stories I cared about. Sure, having my mark on a Super Bowl ad voiced by Jon Krasinski selling car insurance is pretty cool but after flirting with life in a wheel chair, it felt a little flat.

Armed with the ability to tell stories and understand brands, I launched Story Developing in 2012. Less BIG agency overhead, more smart people connected remotely -- who knew this would be the go-to model of the future? My then partner is a producer who taught me how to actually make the content so we took off and haven't looked back.

A few short branded videos followed by a feature length videogame documentary paved the way to what Story Developing would look like today – we make documentary and branded content. In our time we've worked with some interesting people: Pharrell, Jamiroquai, Common, Marina Abramović, and Daniel Arsham. Some big brands including Cadillac, Take-Two Entertainment, Madison House Presents and CAA. We've won a few awards along the way, played film festivals around the globe and hopefully most of all, changed the way people see the world for the better.

In 2021 we're set to continue an episodic series around the cult hit video game, Kerbal Space Program 2 and we look to finish the film about Eric Pavony and his mission to turn the kids game of Skee-Ball into a professional sport. Our story is developing...

Brand Collaborators: Esurance, Campbell's Soup, Cadillac, Michelin Guide, Dannon, Frank's Red Hot, Michelin Guide, Baskin Robbins, Travelers, Take-Two Entertainment, Private Division, CAA, Lytro, Forest Hills Stadium, Coca-Cola.

Agency Partners: Fallon, Havas, Cliff Freeman, Duncan Channon, Y&R, McCann, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Coupe Studios, Maximum Flavor Media.

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