“the best sailing movie ever.”
— Sailing Anarchy
‘The Art of the Game’ is the latest example of a game publisher moving into the documentary business and blurring the lines between creativity and advertising.
— Derrik Lang, Associated Press
‘The Art Of The Game’ is an evocative love letter to the video game industry.
— Jason Evangelho, Forbes
There’s an actual art to ‘The Art of the Game’
— Ebenezer Samuel, NY Daily News
..for gaming enthusiasts hoping to see skilled video game experts and designers talking about the legitimacy of games alongside film or other forms of entertainment, ‘The Art of the Game’ is likely the documentary they’ve been waiting for.
— Andrew Dyce, Game Rant
The best marketing is product-driven marketing, especially when you have a product like the Lytro camera.
— Teressa Iezzi, Fast Company